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the team

I've had the opportunity to work with some super amazing young women through their junior and senior years on my JOPSeniors Team. We have so much fun doing shoots and bonding over good conversation and long drives or random hang outs.


This is a group of young women who want to get together, have a blast taking epic photos and building one another up and growing relationships that go far beyond simply doing photo shoots.  I am looking for young women of character, that have a heart for encouragement and loving on others - ultimately making an impact and being a positive role model for others. And of course, taking amazing pictures along the way!! The JOPSeniors Influencers  team is about so much more than just a Model Team - y’all are the face of my brand and truly role models in the community. I will always be more concerned about your character than just a pretty photo - my team are my girls. I am involved and so much more than just your photographer.

This year there will be be a team within a team.  Influencers and Influencer Models.  Read on to learn all about both!


Being a part of my Influencer Team has it's perks.  You will receive amazing benefits with your regular paid senior portrait session.  These perks and benefits are ONLY available if you apply by June 4, 2020.
  • Senior Session Priority Scheduling - you get first dibs on all the best dates for your senior pictures! Your senior photos should be scheduled in the fall of 2020.

  • $50 Gift Voucher to use toward your session fee

  • Insta-shoots held every couple of months.  These are mini studio shoots that are designed to provide you with instagram content for the coming season.  These are downloadable and shareable digital files.

  • Customized mobile app of all of your senior pictures and insta-pictures.

  • Invites to the HELLO! Party and JOP Christmas Party

  • Incentives for refering your friends to JOPSeniors- CASH!

  • Complimentary family session ($250 value) to be used by June 30, 2021.  The session fee is waived and only requires a $50 reservation fee to book the date. (The $50 fee is credited back to you at your ordering session to go toward your print order.)

  • There are only 2 requirements in order to be part of my Class of 2021 Influencer Team.  First is to book your senior session with Jamie Oliphint Photography.  Second is to share your favorite images on social media and tag @jopseniors.  Easy Peasy!!


For those who want the complete JOPSeniors Team experience, there is the Influencer Model Team.  This team will be doing creative shoots throughout the year.  The Perks of the Influencer Model Team are below.
  • You are the face of Jamie Oliphint Photography!  Your images will be used on the website and social media for the Class of 2021 and beyond.
  • Mini Introduction Session including hair and makeup 
  • Sunflower Shoot near Shreveport on June 20
  • Your Epic Senior Session in the Fall.  These are your Senior Pictures!  You get first access to my calendar for all the best dates!
  • Grad Mini session in April/May 2021, after you receive your cap and gown and any honors.
  • Popup shoots throughout the year.  These are planned when I have a wild idea and want to photograph it!
  • Complimentary family session ($250 value) to be used by June 30, 2021.  The session fee is waived and only requires a $50 reservation fee to book the date. (The $50 fee is credited back to you at your ordering session to go toward your print order.)
  • Digital images from all of the Influencer shoots throughout the year
  • Opportunities to model for Sweet Bee Boutiques
  • Customized phone app of all your photos
  • Insta-shoots held every couple of months in the studio.  
  • Incentives for referring your friends for their senior pictures
  • HELLO! Party in April to get to know each other
  • JOP Christmas Party
the details + qualifications 
  • We all know the power of social media and with my business it's no different! My Infuencer Model Team is a huge source of advertising and promotion - for this reason, you will be asked to be active on social media for marketing purposes. I will always make sure you have the images and info you need!

  • Your Epic Senior Session are to be done before December 2020.

  • As a member of the JOPSeniors Influencer Model Team, you are the face of my business and as such, you will not be able to work with or represent any other photographers for the duration of your time on the team. This does not include school and team photos.

  • Parent/Guardian involvement. It is extremely important that your parents are supportive and enthused about this experience for you.

  • Have an active Instagram and Facebook account. At least one parent must have an active Facebook account. (Team communications about Model Shoots, bookings and events are sent through a private Facebook group)

  • Agree to the Model Program price. *See below

the process

Since this team is the face of my brand and I pour so much of myself into my girls and the team - I want to ensure that it is the best fit for us all.  For this reason, we have applications!!

  1. Share this page with your parent/guardian

  2. Decide if the Influencer or Influencer Model Team this is the right fit for you

  3. Complete the application below

  4. Watch for your acceptance email

  5. Attend a parent/senior informational meeting

  6. Sign your contract and pay the deposit

  7. Start sharing your excitement over being a JOP Influencer

the money

There is no cost to APPLY  to the Influencer program.  If you are selected to be part of the Team, There is a $400 deposit due at the time you sign up.

Influencers will pay the total of the Senior Session that they choose.  Sessions are found here and are priced at $650 for the Essential Session and $1250 for the Epic Session

Influencer Models will pay a total of $2500 for the entire year long program.  This includes the Epic Senior Session as well as the Sunflower Shoot, Popup shoots and Insta-shoots. This is an all inclusive price.  You will not see another price from me through your year.  

Payment plans are available, and fees should be payed in full by August 31, 2020.

are you ready?

If this sounds like you and you’re ready for the adventure, fill out the form below! Applications will be open until May 31 or until filled.  There's no obligation when you come to the meeting - come get the info, check everything out and then you can decide if you wish to sign up.

So go ahead, complete the application and come see what we have to offer!


Senior year will be one of the best years of your life....have fun and enjoy're so worth it!!!

2021 JOP Influencers Program
Have you discussed this with your parent/guardian and have permission to apply?
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