The Raves

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Austin & Justin

Jamie did an amazing job taking my sons’ senior photos! She was so easy to work with and the photos turned out amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a local photographer to take their pictures. Simply the best!!

-Shannon Crane

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Jamie has an amazing talent! Her work is the absolute best, and her personality makes her so easy to work with. I chose her to take senior pictures of all three of my boys, and they all just loved her. She was even able to squeeze us in on short notice and I am so grateful to her for that.

-Angela LeLeux

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Jamie is an excellent photographer!! You will not go wrong by choosing her! She worked with my daughter to make her dream pictures become a reality. She helped my daughter figure out how to incorporate her deceased father into her Sr pics, as well as her wheelchair, which she just got out of at the time of taking the pictures. I am very impressed by her skills & can't wait to see all of the pictures she took! ROCK ON JAMIE!!!

-Allison Simon



I have had 3 seniors photographed by Jamie. Each experience has been amazing. This year we did an on location shoot in Chicago. It was a blast. Jamie was up for the challenge of a one day trip flying to Chicago and going all over the city taking awesome shots. I have been more than pleased with every experience with JOP.

-Micheale Thomas



My senior session will by far be one of my favorite memories of senior year! Mrs. Jamie knows what she is doing and is AWESOME at it. If you have an idea, she will definitely help make it a reality. She is willing to do what it takes to capture your dream in a photo. She’s also one of the kindest and sweetest people I know. She is very knowledgeable about shoot locations. If you are looking for a senior picture photographer, I HIGHLY recommend Jamie Oliphint Photography!

-Nolan Moore

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Super excited! Just completed another milestone with Lyvia! Jamie Oliphint has done an amazing job taking Lyvia’s senior pictures! She has gone above and beyond to make this experience precisely what Lyvia wanted. Jamie knows exactly where to go, what poses to use and how to capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you Jamie for being such a special and talented lady! I highly recommend you use Jamie Oliphint for all your senior picture needs!

-Stacia Ener

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Jamie is truly amazing! Not only does she capture who you truly are in every single picture that she takes, but she takes you under her wing as if you’re one of her own. She has wonderful and creative ideas for all of her sessions and she can make the ugliest, most run down places look absolutely incredible. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is in need of a photographer for their senior pictures, you will NOT be disappointed!

-Brooklyn Dugas



Thank you Jamie Oliphint-Photography for taking Luke’s senior pics! We had an awesome time even with all the wind! You knew exactly what would work and took your time to make sure we got all the pics we wanted! Can’t wait to see all of the pics!! Definitely contact Jamie Oliphint-Photography for your senior session!! You won’t be disappointed.

-Denise Truncale

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OH MY GOODNESS!! I had such a fun time. Jamie Oliphint had so many great spots to shoot me. She’s such an amazing person and photographer. I got to show my silly side and my serious one. We had fun while she joked along with me. Her makeup artist did an awesome good. I told her a couple things that I knew I didn’t want and she listened and made me feel super comfortable. I’m so glad I booked with Jamie and her team for my senior pictures.

- Ashlynn Koons

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I can't BEGIN to thank you, Jamie for capturing some of the most special memories during Jillian's senior year. It was an absolute experience that I am honored to have been a part of. 

-Tracy Hargrave

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I highly recommend Jamie Oliphint Photography. She has done many shoots with my daughter and never failed to make her feel and look stunning! Watching Jamie do what she does you can tell she loves her job and is amazing at it also! Thank you for making Cheyanne’s session an unforgettable one.

-Cheryl French

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I highly recommend Jamie Oliphint for senior pictures! Mrs. Jamie has so much talent! She is amazing at her job and never fails to make the sessions all about what you are wanting. Not only will the pictures turn out great, but you’ll also have so much fun taking them!

-Rachel McNeil

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I could never say enough good things about Jamie! She is truly an amazing woman; and anything she does, she does with excellence. She's makes each photography session a memorable experience for her clients. Take a look at her work for yourself... each photo is a masterpiece!

-Aliceson Haynes



LOVE LOVE LOVED HAVING JAMIE AS MY SENIOR YEAR PHOTOGRAPHER! She is so welcoming and sweet to work with! When you're photographing with her she is ONLY focused on you and how you want your pictures done! 

-Courtney Cathey

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I was ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with my pictures my senior year! Not only were the pictures fantastic but Mrs. Jamie made my sessions a blast and always geared towards what ever I wanted them to be! I don't think I would've been as comfortable or as pleased with any other photographer!

-Brie Martin



I love the photos! The experience was great, also.. It was fun and easy to cooperate with Mrs. Jamie!

-Morgan Isaacs



So happy that I got to have my senior pictures done by this awesome woman! I was in love with every single one, so much so, that it was extremely difficult to choose the pictures I wanted! She's extremely talented and will make you feel extremely comfortable, even if taking pictures really isn't your thing! I wouldn't recommend anyone else to go to for your senior pictures!!

-Tierney Rice

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Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience that we had this morning, this first picture is far better than i could have imagined. I will recommend your services to other, and tell them how pleasing it was, again thank you, 

-Ben Hidalgo

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Seriously recommend Jamie to take your senior pictures!! Any idea you could possibly ever think of, Jamie will stop at nothing to find a way for it to come to life. She makes sure you are comfortable, makes you feel super confident the entire shoot, and if you come up with more ideas as the shoot goes on Jamie will help you make those look just as good as the planned ideas.

-Angel Simon

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Jamie is amazing!! We had a wonderful time today taking Skylers senior pictures. We can’t wait to see all of them!!

-Heather Ferguson



Jamie Oliphint is wonderful to work with. I love her creativity and special attention to detail. She’s willing to get dirty to get that perfect shot. She’s not afraid to try new and crazy ideas and makes the overall experience a wonderful memory. Jamie did an amazing job at capturing the essence of who Nolan is. Thank you, Jamie for a year of wonderful memories and beautiful pictures.

-Christine Moore

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My senior session with Jamie was one of the greatest experiences with photography, I’ve ever had. She is such an awesome photographer and sure made me feel beautiful the whole time. My makeup and outfits also tied together perfectly with the scenery! I really enjoyed my whole session!! Thank you Jamie!

-Lyvia Ebarb

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Just got done with my daughters senior session and it was fabulous! Jamie is very laid back and so kind! She has awesome ideas! Can't wait to see the pictures! 

-Jamie Dugas

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I have loved getting to work with Mrs. Jamie!! She’s so creative, and so fun. She does everything she can to make the photo shoot fun. 

-Lani Daniels

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Jamie is so talented. She has incredible vision and brings it to life beautifully. She is quick thinking and knows the perfect spots to shoot-even on the go. She knows how to capture beauty in a whole different way than I could imagine. She tailors your session to YOU. She made Ashlynn comfortable so she could be her silly self. Jamie also has an awesome team. Tierney did a fantastic job on Ashlynn’s makeup. It was perfect for the photo shoot without looking overdone. Lyvia, one of Ash’s close friends, was her awesome assistant for the day and she made sure her hair was always right and helped her really show her personality. I couldn’t be more pleased with her experience. I am so excited to see all the beautiful shots she captured. Jamie- Thank you so much for making this an unforgettable experience for Queen Ash.

-Celeste Koons

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Jamie Oliphint has amazed me since I met with her at the first meeting when I decided to chose her for my senior pictures. She makes you feel comfortable, she’s always up for any type of session and always trying to try new things. She will strive to make your session YOUR session and different from anyone else’s. She even let 4 of my family/friend members come along and help out which made me even more comfortable. I highly recommend her for your senior session

-Cheyanne French



Working with Jamie has been BY FAR the greatest experience of my senior year. She is an outstanding photographer, and her work is absolutely fantastic. She is also a great, genuine, down to earth person. She never fails to make every session you have with her fun, and ALWAYS makes you feel even more beautiful in your own skin. If you’re looking for the perfect senior photographer, who can capture you’re life into timeless photos while having a blast, look no further. Jamie Oliphint is the one! I promise, if you choose to have your senior sessions with Jamie Oliphint Photographry, you won’t regret it.

-Bayleigh Swanton

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There hasn't been one picture yet that I didn't love...amazing work!! As we went through my daughter's senior pics, we even decided to keep some of the out takes because they were amazing. I love the locations she chose and the fact that she does different locations for different clients. She captured moments that made my child love her senior pictures and that was so important to me. This year has been an amazing experience. 

- Mindi Nichols.

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Words couldn’t describe my VIP Experience with JOP. Jamie is an amazing photographer and person! I️ used to hate being photographed as I️ felt that I️ wasn’t “camera quality” but her and her stunning photos make me feel more beautiful and I️ love her for that. She is also SO funny AND creative! What an artist!

-Jillian Hargrave

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Jamie is an AMAZING photographer! I absolutely love how she gets to know your child and brings out who THEY are. My daughter felt so comfortable and loves Mrs. Jamie! Thank you for everything!

-Krystal Loft

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My senior session with Jamie was one of the greatest experiences with photography, I’ve ever had. She is such an awesome photographer and sure made me feel beautiful the whole time. My makeup and outfits also tied together perfectly with the scenery! I really enjoyed my whole session!! Thank you Jamie!

-Lyvia Ebarb

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Just got done with my daughters senior session and it was fabulous! Jamie is very laid back and so kind! She has awesome ideas! Can't wait to see the pictures! 

-Jamie Dugas

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My senior session was absolutely phenomenal! I definitely recommend Jamie Oliphint for senior pictures. She truly captures the best moments with her creativity and amazing skills.

-Victoria Doan