Alora | Class of 2018 | Little Cypress - Mauriceville High School

Wise | Creative | Happy | Writer | Motivated

WISDOM - According to her mom, Alora is wise beyond her years and has such huge goals for herself that she reaches for those goals rather than focusing on the negative aspects of high school. She has been able to get through her teenage years without getting caught up in the typical teenage drama. Her mom is super proud to have a teenager that makes great decisions in this day and age. Alora says that she feels her best personality trait is my constant desire to succeed. This trait keeps me on top of my responsibilities and pushes me to always do my best.

CREATIVE - Alora's favorite classes in high school are Newspaper and Theatre. These classes allow her to express herself creatively.

HAPPY- Alora's mom's dreams for her future are that she is happy and proud of her choices in life. Alora wants her classmates to remember her as a happy, hardworking student, that strives to live each day in a way that was pleasing to God.

Writer - Alora's favorite activity in high school is the LCM Bear Facts Newspaper. This program has provided her with resources to develop important skills for her desired career as a journalist. After graduation she will be attending the University of Texas Austin to major in Journalism and minor in Business. She plans to use this degree to become a magazine or newspaper writer and editor. She hope to one day be a traveling writer, to see the amazing wonders, cultural diversity, and people the world has to offer.

Words for Underclassmen

What do know now that you wish you had known when you started high school?

"I wish I had know that it is okay to hang out with friends and not study for one night. You will be able to recover from not studying one night and friendships are vital. If I could back to freshman year, I would have started filling scholarships rather than waiting till senior year."

Why JOPSeniors

"I chose JOPSeniors because Mrs. Jamie takes the time to capture you throughout your entire senior year instead of just one session. She also is very creative with the type of photo shoots she has every year. She produces different pictures for everyone that are amazing! My favorite thing about my senior pictures is the love Mrs. Jamie has shown towards me. We have grown so close this year. She takes the time to figure out what you love about yourself and highlights those areas. She is incredibly kind and open to the craziest ideas you throw at her. She is up for anything and will do everything in her will power to make sure I am pleased with my pictures. She is one of the best ladies I have ever met and will be in my heart forever."

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