Kimber | Class of 2018 | Bridge City High School


HELPFUL -Kimber would like her classmates to remember her as someone who was a really fantastic person who was helpful, and talented in everything she was a part of. She plans on attending Lamar University majoring in speech and hearing sciences and Kimber plans to earn her masters degree in speech language pathology.

Band -Kimber's favorite activity in high school was band. "It was so special to me because I met a lot of great talented and interesting people in this program and I grew close with other musicians. I know that I’ve made lifelong friends along the way." Kimber feels that band is an organization where she felt like she belonged . It’s given her so many opportunities and it has shaped her into the person that she is today .

Music - During her free time, Kimber LOVES to listen to music and talk to her friends. One of her favorite artists is the is the rapper Logic because he speaks on topic issues in our world and society today. Kimber believes that he is very wise and speaks up for what he believes in and his songs always have a catchy beat to it.

Passion - Kimber is really passionate about other people and their passions. "If I could make everybody in the world's dream come true I would, just because I love to see someone so excited and passionate about something else." She loves helping others.

Wisdom for Underclassmen - If you could go back to your freshman year, what would you change? "I would’ve changed where I focused most of my time. I would’ve focused more on my parents and my grades rather than other people in the Internet."

What do you wish you had known when you were a freshman? "I would’ve wished to have known that not everyone is always going to like me and that’s okay. There are a lot of people who do like you and who will stick up for you and who are friends with you."

Why JOP - "I chose Mrs. Jamie because I wanted to take pictures with someone that I trusted and was very talented and I wanted it to be an overall enjoyable experience. I’m glad I chose her because it was ! Before my senior session, I was really excited to get started and I felt so confident taking the pictures. I love to take pictures! I thought the pictures were amazing when I saw them ! Everything about my senior pictures, how good they turned out, they are amazing photos and I cannot stop staring at them!"

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