Bayleigh | Class of 2018 | Little Cypress Mauriceville High School

Wallflower | Friends | Writing | Music | Bold

Wallflower - The Perks of Being a Wallflower is by far Bayleigh's favorite book in existence and she constantly re-reads it. It remind her that it’s okay to be different and to always be herself, because your happiness is what is most important. In 20 years she wants to be remembered for just being a good person and being able to brighten peoples day.

Friends - Bayleigh enjoys being with her friends doing whatever. "I just love spending time with my favorite people." When asked if she took a road trip, who would she bring along, Bayleigh said, "Lauren Ewing. She’s my best friend and I know that we would be laughing the whole time, and laughing with her is by far one of my favorite activities."

Bold - When asked about her style, Bayleigh says "I’m a very bold person, if I like it I just kind of go for it. I wanted to be able to make a statement with my clothing style. I feel like clothing is a very easy way for a person to express themselves."

Writing - Bayleigh is passionate about writing. "I love how your words can impact so many people no matter the time or place." She will be attending the University of North Texas in Denton and majoring in political journalism.

Music - Bayleigh's favorite band is THE FRONT BOTTOMS! They do what they love and sing songs that they enjoy , regardless of what others say. She is convinced they don’t have one bad song.

Wisdom for Underclassmen - When asked what she would have done differently Bayleigh says she would have been more outspoken. It’s important to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for what you love. Also, "no one is going to notice if you brushed your hair that morning or not."

Why JOPSeniors - "I had heard nothing but great things about Jamie, and all of her work is amazing! I couldn’t wait for my senior picture session. I was so excited and nervous but I knew they were going to be perfect. During the session I had so much fun with Jamie trying new things and taking all the photos. After I saw my pictures it all became so real. They were better than I could have ever imagined and seeing them made me realize that I definitely made the best choice of choosing JOPSeniors for my senior session."

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