Nolan | Class of 2018 | Bridge City High School



What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about Christ, because Christ was first passionate about me! Without him, I have no purpose! Without him, I have nothing. He’s the main reason why I live every day! I take time out of each day to read my Bible, pray, and worship him. Having a relationship with Jesus is the single best decision you can make in life!

What are some things that you have done that have shaped your life?

Being in the Bridge City baseball dugout since 2005 has shaped my life. The many life lessons told and untold that I have learned just watching, listening, and thinking has brought me. Learning how to deal with loss, learning how to celebrate a win with the best sportsmanship. Watching Hunter Uzzle, Matt Menard, Matt Hicks, Cameron Dishon, Johnny Dishon, Jake Lemoine, Zach Smith, Blaine Huff, and many other great men that came from the Bridge City baseball program have taught me many things and characteristics how to live my life. Many wise words have been said by each of those players and coaches and it has brought much value to my life. Having a Christian background and watching countless brilliant and wise men grow up and live life the right way, has taught me a ton!

What would you say is your best personality trait? Why?

I believe I am an encourager and that’s what I do best. I care about everyone so much and I want everyone to succeed and do their best. What’s better than helping and encouraging someone and being there for that person? To me nothing beats that.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I have a servants heart.

Who would you take on a road trip with you? Why choose them?

I would want to take Kyler Morse on a road trip because every time we do hang out, we do something bucket list worthy.


In 20 years, how do you want your classmates to remember you?

I want them to remember how much I loved Jesus and how much I talked about him. How happy I was everyday to be at school and how nice I treated everyone.

After graduation, what are your plans?

I plan on attending Texas A&M next Fall majoring in Business and management. I will be a part of the Corps of Cadets and also performing with the Texas Fightin’ Aggie Band.


What do know now that you wish you had known when you started high school?

Make sure you take leadership class!

If you could go back to freshman year, what would you have changed?


What’s your favorite activity in high school? What makes it so special to you?

Student Council is the best club you can join in high school period! It brought me so many friends. The people in student council are the best kids in their schools and to getting know most of them was really great! At my last state conference it was crazy to know my name is known across the whole entire state ranging from El Paso to Amarillo to Laredo to Texarkana. Student council also led me to my best friends which later helped me in my hardest times like with Hurricane Harvey. My best friends all got their school’s to help my family and school out donating housing and school supplies. Student council also gave me the outlet to be a city council member my senior year which was one of my favorite parts this year. Getting involved with city problems and solutions and getting to work with the many brilliant people that lead this wonderful city was truly amazing. It was great to have experience in something I might one day do in the future. Student council is where you exponentially grow as a leader for sure!

What are some of your favorite classes? What makes them the best?

My easiest subject for me was math, but I learned a lot of life lessons through the English department. I find what you struggle with the most is where you eventually learn the most from. All my English teachers in high school were so cool and gave us wise words of advice each and every day, and what better to learn from others mistakes than make those mistakes yourself. They were truly life changing teachers. Mrs. Riley, both Kosh’s, Mrs. Gilbeaux, and Mrs. Gruters.


How would you describe your style?

My style ranges from urban to country quite frequently. Each day I go into my closet and it all depends on what I want to be each day. If I want to feel like a country boy I’ll throw on my boots, jeans, and white T-shirt. If I want to get the ladies I’ll either throw on my suit or put on my pea coat with my Chelsea boots. It all depends on the music I have been listening to lately as well! My style differentiates so much, that honestly I wouldn’t say I have one style, but multiple.

Who is your favorite artist/band? What do you love about them?

My favorite artist is Khalid because he speaks so much truth to my generation. His last album American Teen can relate to every teenager in America and that’s really hard and that’s what I admire about his work. A true artist who can speak to everyone from my generation.

If you had a theme song playing when you entered a room, what would it be? Why?

Pennies from Heaven, I’m a living incarnation of Buddy off the movie Elf!

If you could go to any concert, who’s would it be? Why?

I would want to go watch Coldplay with my mother, because I promised her when I was very young that I would take her.


Why did you choose JOPSeniors?

You took my pictures at all my sporting events and I loved your photography.

Think about your senior session. How did you feel before your session? During? After you saw your pictures?

I felt very great before the session with the plan we had. During the session I loved how we never felt in a rush and I felt that I looked good taking the photos! After I saw my photos I was VERY pleased and happy!

What was your favorite thing about your senior pictures?

How amazing they came out! My favorite thing was realizing how ugly of a day it was to take my baseball pictures and how wonderful they came out when you showed my family and I! You were so open to do anything and it helped me feel comfortable to tell you what I wanted to do like the E.T. Photo or Sandlot photos or Legos photos.

Of course we have to hear from Momma!!

What is something the senior says or does frequently that you love?

I love that he isn’t afraid to tell me he loves me and gives me huge hugs in public.

What five adjectives best describe the senior?

Kind-hearted, handsome, Jesus-lover, leader, driven

What are the senior's most outstanding personality traits?

He is a very outgoing gregarious guy who is fun-loving. He has this ability to balance his leadership skills with a servant’s heart.

What are your dreams for the senior's future?

That his business ventures would be successful enough to be provide well for his family and that he would be a leader in his community.

What are the senior’s most outstanding talents and qualities?

He has the gift of leadership and the ability to make friends wherever he goes. He is versatile with his talents in sports and music.

What do you consider to be the senior’s outstanding accomplishments during High School? Why did you select these?

HOBY- only 1 sophmore is selected by the teachers to represent the school at a prestigious leadership conference. Among all those chosen to go to HOBY across the state he was voted as Most Friendliest. Cardinal Heart Award- He was voted his junior and senior year by his baseball teammates to receive this award. It is based on exemplary role model skills on and off the field. The person selected is the heart of the team, someone who always supports his team mates. RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award)-He was one of four chosen to go to the Rotary Youth Leadership conference. National Honor Society and Honor grad (Cum Laude)

Is there anything else we should know about the senior?

He’s just an All American boy with a beautiful smile and a kind soul.

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