Katelynn | Class of 2018 | Bridge City High School


What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about performing whether it is a musical performance, or acting, or making videos with my friends. I admire performers and their talent and hard work and I will take just about any chance I can to perform.

What would you say is your best personality trait? Why?

I am a very supportive but honest friend. I think everyone likes to get a second opinion every now and then, or just wants a right hand man, and I like being that person.

When you have free time, what do you enjoy doing?

I like to read, write, color and draw, be with my friends, play games, and watch Netflix.

How would you describe your style?

I like to be comfortable but I also like to look nice; I wear a lot of sweaters and cardigans.

Have you read a book lately that inspires you? What did it say to you?

I wouldn't say it inspired me, but we read 1984 in class and it is a reminder to question why things are the way they are instead of blindly complying with the status quo, which is a principle I strongly believe in.

If you could go to any concert, who’s would it be? Why?

I want to go see Hamilton. I have been listening to the show for several years now and I'm wondering how what I've envisioned lines up with the actual staging and choreography. They sing the entire show so that counts as a concert, right?

What do know now that you wish you had known when you started high school?

Not everything is as serious as I thought it was going to be; a lot of it is just about having fun. I wish I would have realized that sooner.

If you could go back to freshman year, what would you have changed?

I would have started theatre freshman year and I would have relaxed a lot and set of making such a big deal about everything.

What’s your favorite activity in high school? What makes it so special to you?

I love theatre because I get to do it with my friends and make new friends and I love being onstage and I love Mrs. Webb

What are some of your favorite classes? What makes them the best?

I love Mrs. Riley's English class because she genuinely cares about her students and makes it interesting and ensures that we're having a good time. I also love Band because I have been in it for several years and those people mean a lot to me so I cherish every performance opportunity. Mrs. Voight makes our forensic science class very interesting and I am grateful for her.

In 20 years, how do you want your classmates to remember you?

Kind, smart, hard-working

After graduation, what are your plans?

I'm going to Lamar University and I eventually want to teach high school theatre

Why did you choose JOPSeniors for your Senior Pictures?

I love Mrs. Jamie and I love her work

Describe your senior session with JOPSeniors. How did you feel before your session, during the session and after?

I was extremely excited before my session because I have been looking forward to it for several years. During the session I felt very comfortable and Mrs. Jamie definitely knew what she was doing. After the session I felt confident that my pictures were going to be everything I wanted them to be, and I was not wrong.

And now a word (or two) from mom!

What five adjectives best describe the senior?

Witty, charming, bold, genuine, friendly

What are your dreams for the senior's future?

My dream is for Katelynn to be a passionate follower of Christ who is a huge difference-maker.

What are the senior’s most outstanding talents and qualities?

She absolutely shines when it comes to being drum major, public speaking, debating, acting, and teaching. Katelynn is a loyal friend, role model sister, delightful daughter, and loving granddaughter. She can organize, plan, and present very professionally at a young age.

What are the senior's most outstanding personality traits?

Kate's a bold, opinionated writer and speaker with great convictions. She sees the bigger picture and is a deep thinker. She gives me hope for the future!

What is something the senior says or does frequently that you love?

She tells stories with great animation, facial expressions, and lots of hand gestures. She absolutely cannot talk without her hands!!

What do you consider to be the senior’s outstanding accomplishments during High School? Why did you select these?

Katelynn is amazing, really! She has been a part of all that's offered, and risen to the top, whether going to nationals for TAFE, being a Co-Head Drum Major, having the lead role in a UIL One Act Play, or advancing to the state level for debate. But the award I'm most proud of is when fellow band members voted her the "Friendliest Girl in Band." Her character and having a heart that loves Jesus is what matters most.

Is there anything else we should know about the senior?

God has given Katelynn an amazing skill set, and she can do anything! I can't wait to see His plan unfold for her beautiful, shining life!

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