Project Beauty 2018

I asked our Class of 2018 and 2019 Seniors to participate in a national campaign that is sweeping the country. No makeup, no hairstyles, no stylish wardrobe, no editing. And I asked them to share what True Beauty means to them.

Project Beauty was started by photographer Thomas Nguyen to help build self-confidence and more importantly self-acceptance for these girls. It is to help free them from this idea of perfection that’s constantly being promoted everyday in social media and in our society and the realization that it’s simply impossible to achieve. I want these girls to embrace their flaws and be comfortable in their own skin, by seeing themselves in a completely different light, without the need of wearing any make-up or any fancy outfit in order to feel confident.Below is a sample of the amazing girls, all 28 of them! Thank you girls for putting yourself out there, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and making my job so easy.